Uthando Orphanage: Part II

IMG_2429As the bus pulled up to the gate many smiling faces rushed to the gate to greet us. Although the orphanage isn’t much with many children in the same rooms and all simple amenities it is a place of safety and love for all the children. Some of the children were saved from homes where they were either sexually or physically abused and some were even saved from human trafficking to find a temporary home here. Water runs short during the dry summers here in South Africa and so is conserved wherever they can but they still have to buy water in order to have enough for their basic necessities. The kids were elated to play, read and draw with all of us and always want to be held or cuddled. There is wide range of ages from 2-16 years old but the smiles never left any of their faces, finding entertainment in even the simplest of activities. I think we all left there today with a new outlook on our own lives and a new understanding for how lucky we all really are.


Painting the girls dorms along with the kids was a great activity, it was amazing how despite the difficult situations these kids come from, some even suffering from TB and HIV, the kids had a consistent smile on their faces. Uthando is truly a place of love and care for these children. Due to the lack of rainfall in the winter season, they have a shortage of water – so the team is now looking to provide water to the home.


Click a photo below to view a beautiful album by Louisa


3 thoughts on “Uthando Orphanage: Part II

  1. It is heartwarming to read the impact on the students from participating in this special trip. So proud of all of them and can only hope when they travel back to their own homes they go back with more empathy for others and an incentive to help others in their own homelands.


  2. Beautiful album, happy people, fun together, everyone gets an experience for his live. We are happy that young people get such an opportunity. Enjoy this Louisa with your new Friends. Warm greetings from your parents to all of you 😊


  3. What a wonderful opportunity for you RSS students to have your lives enriched so much by connecting with these beautiful children who are so less fortunate than yourselves! Wonderful photos too! x


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