A Hard Day’s Work that ended in song and dance!

This video is sure to make you laugh!! After a hard day on site we had a very fun filled evening with The Zwelihle Choral Project, who have the ability to dissolve all inhibitions with their amazing music making. ENJOY……..

Apologies if you had problems viewing the video earlier. All sorted now.

regards Karen


7 thoughts on “A Hard Day’s Work that ended in song and dance!

  1. Hi guys, I’m at the airport right now getting super bored. I’m already missing everyone and I’m so sad to leave (Anna wasntoo) I hope you guys haven’t already forgotten about me because I probably never will. Thanks again everyone for making this experience so awesome for me.
    (PS, Justin- Darmian, Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin officially came to Utd, De Gea is 99% staying this season, RVP left and another big one Is that Vidal has almost signed for Bayern, Delph and Sterling went to City, Begovic signed for Chelsea


  2. Great bricklaying and singing guys! Looks like you are all having a wonderful time! Enjoy!

    Ella….don’t ask about the cricket!!


  3. Great work on the building and the painting. I hear that ” Dancing Dave Green ” has been asked to make a guest appearance at the next performance of the dance troupe! Don’t forget we would like to see your dancing skills when you get home! 👍😍


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