Arrivals and Orientation Day

IMG_6326The journey to South Africa was nerve wrecking but also really exciting! I travelled here for the first time on my own. Once I got on the plane I was filled with excitement and the motivation to start building.

Charlotte Finney

Elephant Whispers was one of the coolest experiences ever seeing the elephants do theseIMG_6371 really interesting things and actually following commands.

Aryan Biyani

The elephant whispers was amazing! I especially enjoyed being able to touch the elephants and also taking pictures with them.

Sehaj Chawla

IMG_6372 (1)Elephant Whispers was one of the most amazing experiences with incredibly gentle creatures that I have ever had. They are truly amazing creatures and I hope to encounter them on our wilderness night.

Mustafa Quadir

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Photos by Vinny


12 thoughts on “Arrivals and Orientation Day

  1. Good work RSIS South Africa 2015. Some very familiar sites – especially Elephants Whispers love!! Jealous of indoor mealtime & getting to eat at tables!! Enjoy the experience team. Look after Kazjaz & Liz – they have hearts of gold xoxo


  2. It was wonderful to see the pictures and truly amazing video. Looks all the children are having a good time and a lifetime experience of meeting and connecting with your age group from around the world. All the best..make new friends and come back with sweet and happy memories.


  3. Cheers to RSIS South Africa 2015 and hi Petra!!! We enjoyed the video and felt like we were sharing the Elephant Whispers experience as well. Looks like you all got a good workout learning the dance – way to go!!


  4. It looks as though you are having a great time, we loved the video and had no idea Dave Green could dance! Good luck with the rest of the trip.


  5. I feel so proud to see my niece be a part of RSIS2015 . Wish you all guys very good luck and have a great time in South Africa .


  6. We are so happy to follow all of you and Louisa in this Blog and to be with you! The RSIS Project is simply Great ! We Wish you all a fantastic experience! Enjoy all this and have fun! HI to Louisa😊!

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  7. It is nice to see Aryan Biyani enjoying this experience of being close to nature and helping others with a new set of friends.


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