The Final Day and a Farewell from Me…..

And so my lovelies, here is my final post. A little gift from me to you to keep the memories alive. Also includes an update on the site as I leave it……….love Karen



Savuka Youth Dance Troupe

DSC_0199On the 17th of July we had this amazing dance group come to our lodge. They performed the traditional Isizingili Zulu Dance, which originated in 2007 in the province of Kwazulu Nathali. This dance has a historical significance. It is believed that the king of South Africa ordered his soldiers to perform this dance after winning a war. This dance displays the deadly moves of the soldiers performed during the war. This dance was all about the aggression of the king and the soldiers after winning a war. It was a high-energy dance. The group was really friendly and taught us some basic dance moves too.   By: Nishta

Here is a very short clip to give you an idea of the high energy involved.

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Uthando Orphanage: Part II

IMG_2429As the bus pulled up to the gate many smiling faces rushed to the gate to greet us. Although the orphanage isn’t much with many children in the same rooms and all simple amenities it is a place of safety and love for all the children. Some of the children were saved from homes where they were either sexually or physically abused and some were even saved from human trafficking to find a temporary home here. Water runs short during the dry summers here in South Africa and so is conserved wherever they can but they still have to buy water in order to have enough for their basic necessities. The kids were elated to play, read and draw with all of us and always want to be held or cuddled. There is wide range of ages from 2-16 years old but the smiles never left any of their faces, finding entertainment in even the simplest of activities. I think we all left there today with a new outlook on our own lives and a new understanding for how lucky we all really are.


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Uthando Orphanage: Part I

IMG_9689We went to an orphanage home called Uthando, we played with the children there. And made their homes prettier by drawing murals on the walls and building a jungle gym. We found it overwhelming to see all the smiles on the children’s faces who are happy but have so little, I wouldn’t have thought something as small as painting a wall could have such a life changing effect on them. It didn’t take much for us to build a strong relationship with the kids. We all enjoyed the day a lot and hope all the best for the children.


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Day 2 on Site and Kids’ Camp

IMG_2208On 13th the first team of children arrived and we all were very excited to see them. We introduced ourselves to each other. There were four teams with 5 children in each divided age wise. There were 4 sessions with the children of English, art, math, and outdoor games. The children were very excited to play games and they even taught us the games they usually play. In the English session the children wrote letters thanking the team for taking care of them and for our support with building a library. The children loved having piggybacks as well as just being carried around by us. To finish off the kids camp, we decided to organize a giant relay and dodge ball game where everyone joined in. It was a huge success and a life changing experience. Click READ MORE to see a video of our day.

By-Angad, Anna, Rebecca

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Day 1 on site

Today was an incredibly productive day, and included lifting around 400 bricks and painting two layers in a classroom. We also made cement (which is harder than it sounds!), and built the wall to about 1 foot high. There is no doubt that everybody in the team will be quite soar tomorrow, and not ready to wake up at 6:30am.

-Mustafa Quadir

Day 1 of our work at the project was pretty good, tiring but I had a lot of fun brick-laying, moving bricks, cementing……… and playing football.

-Aryan Biyani

The first day of our project was just as wonderful. It took some effort, but working in a team, painting, brick laying and cementing was great fun.

-Sehaj Chawla